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A little over four years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting the CEO of The Wasie Foundation, Gregg Sjoquist. When we met I shared with Gregg the mission that was placed on my heart to provide services to the most vulnerable youth in our community. Since then, Gregg has been and continues to be an earnest supporter in helping that vision come to fruition. As we have been moving forward Gregg and The Wasie Foundation have found opportunities to provide. Most recently this was in the form of a grant enabling us to purchase this brand new van. With the help of Sheila Zeller and Tamiami Ford, we were able to pick up our van just last week.

Gregg and The Wasie Foundation believe in the ability for lives to be changed through the Community Hearts Ranch program. Not only the lives of the youth who will be filling the seats of this van but with each youth we reach we change the lives of their current family, as well as that youth's future children and their future family members.

We can not thank Gregg, The Wasie Foundation, Sheila Zeller, and Tamiami Ford enough for helping to make this possible. So exciting to watch our mission grow and develop.

Community Hearts Ranch, where love changes lives one heart at a time.

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