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Community Hearts Ranch

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Imagine, as an infant; your mother abandons you. Your father dies during your 9th year of life, and your biological family refuses to take you. You are left with family friends who cannot handle your physical, mental, and emotional needs. At age 12, your behavior becomes too much for the only “family” you have left, and you are abandoned again. By age 13, with no coping skills, you only know how to explain your emotions by acting out. These violent behaviors result in multiple arrests. Before your 14th birthday, you are illiterate and alone, with no hope for the future.

This is a true story of a young man from Collier County whose only option became a secure facility in Miami. Community Hearts Ranch believes this result could have been prevented with proper therapeutic intervention.

Community Hearts Ranch will use animal interactions, team building activities, and research-based programming while utilizing a homeschool curriculum to help develop character, social awareness, and leadership qualities in youth who require additional support. Our goal is to provide youth with the tools to lead healthy and fulfilling lives, find their purpose and strive to be successful members of their community. We can support our most vulnerable youth who may otherwise be out of options by collaborating with local organizations.

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