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Many of you know us as The Mustard Seed Ranch of Florida. We have taken on a new name, look, and expanded mission, and we need your help.

We are looking for opportunities to spread the word and speak to as many people as possible about the need for Community Hearts Ranch. If you are part of a group, know of a group, or are willing to gather a group of friends in your home, I would love the opportunity to share with you our vision for Community Hearts Ranch and how this program will help heal the hurting hearts in our community.

More often than not, youth who are struggling with emotional or behavioral issues have an underlying reason that has contributed to their struggles.

Imagine your parents dying or abandoning you, regularly being beaten down emotionally or physically, living with alcoholism or drug abuse, or being molested or raped all before your thirteenth birthday.

I have watched firsthand how the traumatic events of a child drastically increase the likelihood of a person living the life as a victim, a criminal, or being led to suicide. Working in law enforcement for 21 years, I interacted with an overwhelming amount of children facing these circumstances. Circumstances they did not create and did nothing to deserve.

Community Hearts Ranch is working toward developing a hands-on, outdoor, alternative learning private school where we can interrupt the negative thought patterns that come with trauma—allowing the brain and emotions to heal.

We believe every child deserves to be taught they are a masterpiece, created on purpose for a purpose.

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